Dog Portraits – needle felted dog – Ross


Pet portraits made to order, fancy having a portrait of your pet if so please get in touch, i love custom orders.


Ross the whippet has been needle felted with love

Made from Jacob & merino wool needle felted by hand, this takes hours and hours of stabbing the wool with a needle. I usually choose to use a single needle as I feel it gives me more control but means it can take longer than using a multi needle tool.

Dogs will be made to order so may vary slightly but will be sure to be made with lots of time, love and care.

Ross the Whippet will measure between 10 – 12 inch’s from top to tail.

These are not toys and not suitable for children or play

Please allow up to 1 week for me to make your Whippet, if you would like it making in a particular colour this is no problem at all.

This beautiful Whippet sculptures can make a wonderful present, adorn a bookshelf or table.

I can make any kind of dog, if you would like a portrait of your pet please get in touch, if you would like your sculpture personalised please collect hair from your pet and photographs.


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